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Coronavirus and stimulus package updates

13/7/20 – 12:30pm – For Melbourne Metro’s $5,000 funding application, please follow this link. Note: Applications close on 19th August 2020. 16/4/20 – 1:45pm – For information on Victoria’s residential rental relief measures, please see this link. 16/4/20 – 11:00am – For a detailed summary of the JobKeeper scheme, please see this link. Courtesy of […]

Prepare for Single Touch Payroll (STP) NOW!

Single Touch Payroll Update Single Touch Payroll (STP) was introduced on 1st July 2018 for all businesses with 20 or more staff (substantial employers). The Bill to extend the Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting requirements so they apply to all employers, regardless of the number of employees has now passed the Senate and will be […]

Tax warning on overseas income

Do you earn income overseas? A recent case highlights why you might pay more tax than you thought on foreign income. If you are an Australian resident and earn income from overseas, such as income from investments, sale of assets such as property, distributions from foreign trusts, etc., you will generally need to declare that […]

Beware of scammers pretending to be from the ATO!

Scammers steal over $800,000 during November The ATO is warning taxpayers to be on high alert to scammers, with over $800,000 reportedly lost during November. Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson said over the last month, the ATO has seen an increase in scam phone calls, especially those using software that resembles a legitimate phone number to […]