20/7/21 – 8:30am – For a summary of the Victorian support available to both individuals and business, please click this link.

3/6/21 – 5:30pm – For a summary of the Victorian business grant, please click this link.

31/5/21 – 9:30am – Victorian Business cost assistance program details, please see here for more information coming through on this state based grant.

13/7/20 – 12:30pm – For Melbourne Metro’s $5,000 funding application, please follow this link. Note: Applications close on 19th August 2020.

16/4/20 – 1:45pmFor information on Victoria’s residential rental relief measures, please see this link.

16/4/20 – 11:00amFor a detailed summary of the JobKeeper scheme, please see this link. Courtesy of NTAA.

14/4/20 – 8:30amPlease see this link for a great summary for Sole Traders/Trusts/Companies who may be eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

6/4/20 – 1:40pmPlease see this link for detailed employer and employee frequently asked questions on the proposed JobKeeper payment, direct from the government.

3/4/20 – 2:30pmFor a comprehensive guide on all the current measures, including the proposed JobKeeper payment. Please see this link courtesy of the Knowledge Shop.

31/3/20 – 11:00amPlease see detailed summary of $1500 JobKeeper payment and detail on eligibility – here.

31/3/20 – 8:30amGovernment Jobkeeker fact sheet can be found here.

31/3/20 – 8:30am – If you’re an eligible employer wishing to register for the Government Jobkeeker payment – please register here.

30/3/20 – 2:00pm – If you’re a small business directly affected by the forced shut down rules, and employ staff, you may be eligible for up to $10,000 to help cover costs. Please see the business support link here.

30/3/20 – 9:30am – SELF MANAGED SUPER FUND (SMSF) Covid-19 adviceplease see this link on ATO measures to assist SMSF through this crisis.

26/3/20 – 10:15am – Please see the following for a detailed guide on income support offered from the government. See here.

26/3/20 10:10am – For a chart showing all the federal and government benefits and concession state by state, please see here.

24/3/20 5:30pm – Fairwork have released guidance for employers and employees on various situations due to closure/working from home/redundancy etc. Please see link here.

24/3/20 4:00pm – Please see this detailed summary of the stimulus package now passed by parliament, this is courtesy of NTAA. Here.

24/3/20 9:10am – If you are a small business, the CPA have put out a comprehensive guide/plan to assist you in working through this crisis. They have also provided a worksheet and checklist which may also assist you and your business. Please see below links for each PDF
Detailed guide

24/3/20 9:00am – Victorian state assistance, see the following PDF for assistance for Victorian’s – payroll tax refunds, liquor licence waivers, land tax deferrals, and more. See here

24/3/20 9:00am – Government advice for carers, families, job seekers, and older Australians seeking payments, travel disruptions, etc. See here

24/3/20 9:00am – Further government advice direct from the Department of Social Services can be found here.

23/3/20 5:30pm – We are also receiving notifications from the main banks as to what they’re offering to assist both small/medium business and also individuals.
Please see the PDF direct from ANZ here.
Please see the PDF direct from NAB here.
Please see link to WBC here.
Please see link to Bank of Melbourne here.
Please see link to CBA here.

23/3/20 2:15pm – Courtesy of the Knowledge Shop, please click the following link for detailed information on the proposed $66b Stimulus package. Click Here

23/3/20 2:15pm – Superannuation Minimum Pension drawdown amounts have been reduced. Please see the following PDF. Click Here.

23/3/20 11:20am – As of today, we are restricting all appointments to phone or video conference (where available), this measure is to protect not only our staff but also our clients, it will also prevent any unnecessary contact in accordance with the ongoing government health advice. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

23/3/20 11:15am – From all the partners and staff at M R Hibbert & Associates, we want to reinforce that your health and your family’s health should be your number one priority, in times like these the ATO do allow a certain degree of leniency on lodgements and any payments/debts.

23/3/20 11:05am – Please continue to check here for updates as we find out more on the Australian governments Coronavirus Stimulus package and what it will mean for you and your business. Currently there is a vast amount of information on various benefits or assistance, however as this hasn’t yet passed law we are unable to give firm advice on each measure. We are continually monitoring the news for updates and Parliament does assure us that they will pass the law today/this evening.